MATRONA STONECROP SEDUM Red Tall Perennial 30 Seeds


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These seeds are from our 'Matrona' sedum, our favorite sedum! Plants are large, forming thick clumps of red/burgundy foliage. The flower stems are very strong, and upright, never falling over. Lastly, but definitely not least, the flowers are formed in mass, turning a deep red/pink in summer, turning burgundy in fall, and lasting as a dried flower head throughout winter! An absolutely stunning plant, and one we would not be without. Provides great form in the garden. Sedum are easy to grow, and are drought tolerant. They typically like a fall sun location, though they can tolerate a considerable amount of or even full (though they won't grow as quickly in ). Sedum seeds are very tiny, so should not be buried. See germination information below.

Type: Hardy perennial

Height: 24-30" tall

Location: Sun or part

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Seeds per pack: 20

Germination: Obtain a tray with holes in the bottom for water to drain, and a tray to catch the water. Place the seeds on the surface of a pre-moistened (dampened) sterile seed-start mix. Water with a spray bottle, or from the bottom tray so water can wick upwards and not disturb the tiny seeds. Place the container in a plastic bag to help retain moisture, or cover with plastic until you see growth beginning. Place in a bright location as they need light to germinate. Be sure to keep the seeds moderately moist until plants germinate. Seeds germinate in about 3-6 weeks. Grow in a sunny location.

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