MOUNTAIN MINT Pycanthemum virginianum

MOUNTAIN MINT Pycanthemum virginianum

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Pycnanthemum virginianum, the Virginia or common mountain-mint, is a plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae. The flowers are white with purplish spotting, borne in summer. Like most plants in the genus, the foliage has a strong mint fragrance. It is native to the eastern United States and eastern Canada.

The flowers are visited by many insects, including honeybees, cuckoo bees, sweat bees, thread-waisted wasps, potter wasps, tachinid flies, wedge-shaped beetles, and pearl crescent butterflies.

Type: Hardy perennial

Location: Sun or part sun

Hardiness zones: 3-7

Height: 36", 3 feet, 90 cm

Seeds per pack: 30

Germination: As with many perennials, these seeds require a period of moist cold to help them grow. This is done by giving them a cold 'winter' period (artificial or natural), and then a warming to simulate 'spring', and time to grow! Here's how this can be done:

Obtain a planting container that has holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Place the seeds on the surface of your growing medium, and water. Place your container in a cold area (but not freezing, perhaps a refrigerator) for 4-6 weeks. Once the cold period is completed, place the container at room temperature for them to germinate. Be sure to keep the soil moist during this entire germination period. Seedlings will sprout a few weeks, or occasionally several months, after the warming period.


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