DARK-RED GLORY LILY Gloriosa carsonii

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This very rare and tuberous climber opens exotic flowers, which are chocolate purple edged in lemon yellow. It is happy either in containers or in warm soil, and is guaranteed to provoke a good amount of attention.

These plants are hardy outdoors, to zone 8. Those living in cooler climates can harvest the tuber and store for the winter.

Type: Hardy

Hardiness zones: 8-11 outdoors. If living in a colder climate, tubers can be harvested and brought indoors for the winter.

Height: Up to 5', 150cm

Location: Sun

Note: This plant species is known to have toxicity.

Seeds per pack: 3

Germination: These seeds are fairly easy to germinate. Plant the seeds just below the surface of the soil, and water. Keep moist until germination. Germination occurs in approximately 3-4 weeks at room temperature.

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