WHITE RHODODENDRON Brachycarpum tigerstedtii

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This is one of the hardiest Rhodendron available, having survived temperatues as low as -42C (-47F)! Plants are vigorous growers, and are very attractive with large, wide and shiny green foliage. The flowers are very large also, blooming in trusses. Rhododendron grow equally grow in sunny or shady locations, and are very adaptable. Very limited supply.

Type: Hardy shrub

Hardiness Zones: Extremely hardy, reported surviving temperatures as low as -42C (-47F)!

Location: Sun or shade, equally happy

Size: Reaching 12 - 15 feet (3.6 - 4.5 meters) at maturity, or can easily be pruned to a smaller space

Note: Ornamental use only. These seeds and/or plants may be poisonous.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Plant these seeds on the surface of the soil (do not bury them), water and keep moist until germination. Place the pot in a clear plastic bag to help retain moisture/humidity on the seeds until they germinate, at which time the bag should be removed. Germination occurs in approximately 6 weeks. Keep at room temperature for germination.

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