SPIRAL ALOE Aloe polyphylla

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We are happy to say we finally have this stunning Aloe back in stock!

Aloe polyphylla, the spiral aloe, or many-leaved aloe, is an evergreen succulent perennial, it is well known for its strikingly symmetrical, five-pointed spiral growth habit. Spiral formed by leaves with emerging flower bud.

Aloe polyphylla is a stemless aloe and grows its leaves in a very distinctive spiral shape which may be clockwise or anti-clockwise. The plants do not seem to sucker or produce offshoots, but from the germination of their seeds they can form small, dense clumps. This aloe flowers at the beginning of summer, producing flowers that range in color from red to salmon pink and occasionally yellow.

The species is highly sought after as an ornamental but is difficult to cultivate and usually soon dies if removed from its natural habitat. In South Africa, it is a criminal offence to remove plants or seed of Aloe polyphylla from their natural habitat or to buy plants from roadside vendors.

Hardy in zones 9-12, or grown indoors in sunny window.

In cultivation in the UK this plant has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

We have grown these seeds (using the method below) and germination is excellent!

Seeds per pack: 3

USA Restriction: Unfortunately these seeds are not permitted in the USA. If we shipped they could be seized by the border, and possible fines could be imposed (they consider the buyer to be importer). Please do not order if you live in USA. Thank you for your understanding. All other regions can safely order these seeds!

Germination: Can be started at any time of year. Soak seeds in water. The seeds float at first but then sink. Germination occurs in the water, starting from one month, but is erratic and can take several months or more. Change the water every few days. Remove seeds one by one as germination occurs and place into soil into which sand has been added. Bury seedling with the roots just showing.

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