Papaver paeoniflorum

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These large double blooms are streaked with red and creamy white! The look is like an old-fashioned flower, elegant and attractive.

Note: We don't have exact images of this poppy, so we used a close-looking poppy. The flemish antique are large double blooms are streaked with red and creamy white!

Height: 24", 60cm

Location: Sun

Note: This plant species is known to have toxicity. Ingestion of these seeds or this plant can cause illness such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Seeds per pack: 30

Germination: Ideally, these seeds are planted outdoors in very early spring (while temperatures are still cool out), in the location that they are to be grown. If you live in a warm climate, these seeds can be started in the fall or winter, cool temperatures are the key. Lightly rake the soil until it is broken-up and 'fluffy', and then scatter the seeds on the soil. Water the seeds in, but do not try to bury them, or they will likely be too deep. Be sure that the soil is consistently moist while they germinate and while they are tiny. The seeds will wait for 'warming' temperatures before they germinate, though the cold temperatures beforehand is imperative before they grow.

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