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This is a variegated form of the popular houseplant! The seedlings will show variegation that is white or cream colored. The flowers can be pink, violet, or white. As the plants mature they will show more and more of the variegation. Most of the plants are standard plant size, and a few of the seeds are from miniature variegated plants. Plant size will range from 6–15 cm tall, and 6–30 cm wide.

Typically, the African violet is a widely cultivated household indoor plant, but can also be an outdoor plant. It is a day-neutral plant regarding flower development.

The genus is most closely related to Streptocarpus.

Note: African violet seeds are extremely small. Do not bury them for germination. See germination information below. 

Safe: Considered safe, non-toxic to children and people!

Seeds per pack: 10 

GerminationSeeds from the variegated form of this plant take a little longer to germinate than standard African Violet seeds. Obtain a sterile seed-start mix with nutrients, such as Miracle Grow seeds starter mix. Lightly pre-moisten the mix with non-treated (non-municipal) water such as rain water or bottled water. Flatten the surface. Lightly mist the surface with water to help tamp down the surface of the soil, though be careful not to make it too saturated/wet. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the soil, and cover the container with clear plastic, or place the container in a plastic bag. Place the container at 73-77F, 23-25C in very bright light, but not in direct sunlight. Light is required for germination. If you are using florescent lights, place the container about 10" from the lights. Seedlings will appear gradually over 30-50 days, some will continue to germinate slightly longer. Note, once growing, seedlings for variegated plants will take a couple of weeks to show their full variegation, which enhances with maturity.

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