BABY BLUE EYES Nemophila menziiesii

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Baby Blue Eyes will produce an abundance of exquisite, blue-and-white, saucer-shaped flowers all summer. This low spreading easy to grow annual is particularly suitable for rockeries, containers, baskets or massed as border plants in annual gardens.

Nemophila menziesii is native to western North America, California, Baja California, and Oregon. It grows in many types of habitats, including chaparral, valley grasslands, and montane locales. It is often cultivated as an ornamental plant, as annual wildflower in native plant, water conserving, traditional, and wildlife gardens. It can occasionally be found outside its native range as an introduced species, such as in Alaska.

Height: 20-25cm, 8-10"

Location: Sun

Seeds per pack: 20

Germination: Obtain a planting container that has holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Place the seeds on the surface of the soil and water in. Keep lightly moist until germination.

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