BEAR'S BRITCHES Acanthus Mollis

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This perennial is exotic-looking, though fully hardy in zones 4-10. Plants form large clumps, expanding each year, and producing large sturdy spikes of pink flowers. Careful when touching them, as the flowers have a few spikes! These plants form a deep root system, and do not like to be moved (similar to many varieties of Rhubarb), so be sure to plant them in a location that they will permanently grow. Though many sources have surprisingly listed this plant as zone 5, we successfully grew it in zone 4 for many years without any problems at all, and no extra protection was required. We now grow it in zone 4/5, again with no issues.

Type: Hardy perennial

Seeds per pack: 3

Height: 4', 120cm

Location: Sun or part shade

Hardiness zones: 4-10

Germination: Obtain a planting container that has holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Place the seeds under surface of your growing medium, and water. Place your container at room temperature, and be sure to keep the soil moist during this entire germination period. Seedlings will sprout in 6-8 weeks.

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