CHINESE LANTERN Physalis Gigantea Alkekengi Franchetii UNIQUE Perennial 20 Seeds

CHINESE LANTERN Physalis gigantea

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Physalis alkekengi (bladder cherry, Chinese lantern, Japanese-lantern, strawberry groundcherry, or winter cherry) is easily identifiable by the large, bright orange to red papery covering which resembles paper lanterns. It grows naturally in the regions covering Southern Europe to South Asia and Japan, and grows happily in North America. It is a perennial growing to 40–60 cm tall. The flowers are white, with a five-lobed corolla 10–15 mm across. It is a popular ornamental plant. This plant is also known as Physalis franchetii.

Type: Perennial

Height: 60-90 cm, 24-36"

Location: Part or

Hardiness zones: 4-9

Seeds per pack: 20

Note: This plant family is known to have toxicity. The ingestion of these seeds or this plant can cause serious illness or death.

Germination: Your planting container should have holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. For best results, obtain a sterile seed-start mix, and place the seeds just under the surface of the pre-moistened growing medium. Water, and keep moist until established.

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