PAPER REED, NILE GRASS Cyperus papyrus

PAPER REED, NILE GRASS Cyperus papyrus

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This tall, robust, leafless aquatic plant can grow 4 to 5 m (13 to 16 ft) high. It forms a grass-like clump of triangular green stems that rise up from thick, woody rhizomes. Each stem is topped by a dense cluster of thin, bright green, thread-like stems around 10 to 30 cm (4 to 10 in) in length, resembling a feather duster when the plant is young. Greenish-brown flower clusters eventually appear at the ends of the rays, giving way to brown, nut-like fruits.

The younger parts of the rhizome are covered by red-brown, papery, triangular scales, which also cover the base of the culms. Botanically, these represent reduced leaves, so strictly it is not quite correct to call this plant fully "leafless".

Moist soils are preferred, and full to part sun.

Type: Perennial

Hardiness zones: 8-10

Seeds per pack: 5

Note: These seeds and plants are slightly toxic. Ornamental use only.

Germination: Press the tiny seeds onto the surface of the soil. Place at room temperature, and keep continually moist. Germination occurs in 30-50 days, and plants grow rapidly after germination.

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