DOUBLE PORTULACA Moss Rose Mix Drought Tolerant! Dry Soil 30 Seeds


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Portulaca are a garden favorite, due to their ease of growing (just sprinkle the seeds and water), their drought tolerance, and tolerance to poor soils. Flowers are always vivid, bright and colorful! This selection is for all double flowers, resembling a carpet of roses! These plants also do well in planters, as they will trail out of the pot.

Spread: 12"

Height: 6"

Location: Full sun or part sun

Bloom time: All season

Type: Annual

Seeds per pack: 30

Germination: Scatter seeds on raked ground in early spring, in the location that they are to be grown, and water in. If you live in a cold climate you can (optional) start them early indoors by placing them on the surface a growing mix (do not bury them) and keep lightly moist until germination.

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