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Nuphar pumila, the least water-lily or small yellow pond-lily, is an aquatic perennial plant in the Nymphaeaceae family. It is also known as dwarf water lily because it is the dwarf species of Nuphar lutea.

The plant is most successful in sunny environments, ponds and slow-flowing parts of rivers from Northern and Central Europe to Northern Asia, with a few noted habitats in North America; Nuphar pumila is considered endangered in France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Type: Water plant

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Water depth: 10" to 24"

Location: Sun or part sun

Seed size: Water lily seeds are small, unlike water 'lotus' seeds which are large. Keep reading for descriptions of both.

Seeds per pack: 5

Did you know? Water Lillies (botanical name nymphaea) are quite different than water Water Lotus (botanical name nelumbo). Water lily plants are fully submerged plants, with the roots (and/or pot) being 1-4 feet under the water surface, and flowers and leaves are usually floating on, or just above, the surface of the water. Water Lily seeds are small. In contrast, the Water Lotus is a bog plant, meaning that the roots are in very wet soil, or are just barely submerged in a few inches of water. Lotus flowers are held several feet above the ground level, and plants are several feet tall. The flowers are also quite different, with a large, flat disc in the center of the flower. Water Lotus seeds are very large.
We have provided these descriptions as there is often confusion between the two plants, and to help you find what YOU are looking for, to suit your needs and location!

Germination: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours, then drain the most of the water and place the wet seeds in a zipper-seal bag. Leave a minimal amount of water in the bag to help keep the seeds wet. Label, and place the bag in the refrigerator for 8 weeks. After the cold period, plant the seeds in a pot, so that the seeds are just barely below the surface of the soil. Submerge the pot so that there is about 1-2" of water above the soil level. Place the submerged container at room temperature for them to germinate, and keep in a sunny location. Once the plants germinate, they water level can gradually be increased so that the plants are submerged to the bottom of your pond.

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