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Outdoor hardy in zones 8-11, Eldorado water lily has attractive burgundy-spotted foliage, and large yellow flowers! Water lilies are a staple for backyard ponds for some very important reasons!

Water lilies provide which is essential for cooling the water for your fish (koi and goldfish prefer cold water). The also reduces algae growth, which is a huge issue for many pond-owners. We have a pond with absolutely no aeration or pumps, just many water lilies, and the pond has crystal clear water!

Water lilies remove carbon dioxide from the water, which also helps reduce algae growth as it competes with the algae for the carbon dioxide. The lilies then return oxygen to the water, essential to a healthy fish population!

Hardiness zones: 8-11

Type: Water plant

Water depth: 18" to 5 feet

Location: Sun

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Obtain a heavy soil mix, or a pond plant mix. Pre-moisten the soil. Place the seeds on surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with a VERY thin layer of sand to help hold them in place. Very gently, submerge the pot so that there is about 1-2" of water above the soil level. Place the container (submerged) in a sunny location, and a warm location of at least 75F for them to germinate. Once the plants germinate, they water level can gradually be increased so that the plants are submerged to the bottom of your pond. Watch for thready leaves to appear on the surface of the sand within 3-8 weeks.

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