LILY Lilium szovitsianum

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This lily has bell shaped, yellow flowers that are quite fragrant. Some hybrids have spotted flowers, though most have clear flowers without the spots. It's a slightly taller lily, growing up to 120 cm (48"). It is great for cuttings and does well in full sun to part shade conditions.  This is a hardy perennial and can handle down to zone 4.

Seeds per pack: 5

Note: Ornamental use only. Many plants have poisonous parts, these included. Minor toxicity.

Germination: These seeds require a cold stratification period to get them to germinate.  For best results, sow seeds and keep at room temperature or higher for 3 weeks, followed by a 3-4 week period in fridge temperatures.  After removing from the fridge, the seeds should germinate at room temperature after another 2-4 weeks.  

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