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Dendrocalamus strictus is a bamboo species belonging to the Dendrocalamus genus. The culms (stems) are often solid. Common names include male bamboo, solid bamboo, and Calcutta bamboo.

It is a tall, dull long green-colored bamboo species, which grows in thickets consisting of a large number of heavily branched, closely growing culms. It reaches a height of 6–18 m.
It is widely found across South and Southeast Asia, particularly India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand. It is also found in Cuba.

They are used for making house frames, rafters, tent poles, concrete reinforcement, walls, scaffolding, and fences. The leaves are used for thatching. Used by the British army in India for making lance shafts.

Height: 6-18m

Hardiness zones: 9-12

USA Restriction: Unfortunately these seeds are not permitted in the USA. If we shipped they could be seized by the border, and possible fines could be imposed (they consider the buyer to be importer). Please do not order if you live in USA. Any US orders for this item will be refunded, minus a 5.00 processing fee. Thank you for your understanding. All other regions can safely order these seeds!

Seeds per pack: 3 Large seeds

Germination: These seeds are easy to germinate! Soak the seeds for 2 hours before planting. Please just below the surface of the soil, and keep lightly moist until germination. One growing, place in a sunny location.

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