ATLANTIC GIANT PUMPKIN Prize Winner! Cucurbita Pepo

ATLANTIC GIANT PUMPKIN Prize Winner! Cucurbita Pepo

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These are the giant pumpkins that win contests at fall fair's! Pumpkins can weigh up to one ton, but more often are in the hundred's-of-pounds range. The first image shows this pumpkin on a crate, so that heavy machinery can lift it. The other images show un-pampered pumpkins in our yard. Though we did not give any special care other than planting and initial watering, they were quite large. Pumpkin size can easily be increased!

To create giant pumpkins:

- Add lots of rotted manure and compost to the growing soil. Pumpkins are heavy feeders and will use lots of nutrients to grow.
- Plant your seeds early in the season, on the last frost date for your area. You might even be able to get a head start on the season by a week or two if you cover the growing location with a plastic dome to warm the soil, and your seeds/plants. Do not let the plastic touch the plants, and allow for ventilation during hot weather.
- Water regularly!
- Control weeds, which can compete for water and nutrients.
- Once stems begin to trail, cover them with soil. This will allow the plant to grow more roots along the stem to gain more nutrients from the soil, and in turn, allow your pumpkins to get bigger!
- If multiple pumpkins begin to grow, you can decide how many pumpkins you would like to keep. Sometimes removing pumpkins allows the nutrients to go to the remaining fruit.
- In autumn, when the plants begin to go dormant or are touched by frost, the pumpkins are ready to harvest! Enjoy!

Seeds per pack: 4 Huge seeds!

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