Sarracenia "Maroon" Purpurea x Chelsonii - Live Plant

Sarracenia "Maroon" Purpurea x Chelsonii - Live Plant

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Young plant, pitchers are approximately 3-5" long at this point, will grow up to 8".   Hardy zones 6-8.


Sarracenia Purpurea is a relatively easy to care for plant.  The soil mix we use is a 50/50 peat/perlite mix.  They've been doing very well in this mix.  This particular variety likes to have very wet conditions and can sit in water all the time.  


Sarracenia do very well in full sun conditions, these are greenhouse grown though, so they will need to be adjusted to full unfiltered sun.  We would recommend starting it off outside on a cloudy day and monitor on the first full sunny day to make sure it doesn't burn.  They will become more colourful and striking the more sun they get once adjusted properly.


Sarracenia do well with dormant periods, we recommend a three month dormant period each year.  Try to keep the temperature between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius during this time.  The "maroon" is a relatively hardy variety and can survive short periods of freezing temperatures, though we would recommend using a fridge for the dormant period.


All carnivorous plants are picky with water requirements.  We've been using rain water for our own plants, though distilled water is a great alternative.  If neither of those options is readily available, reverse osmosis water is another option.  We recommend avoiding tap water as there are often too many mineral in most water sources for these plants.  Ideally, if using a TDS meter, you will see a reading of 150PPM or lower. 

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