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Cyrtostachys renda, also known by the common Names red sealing wax palm, lipstick palm, or red palm, bears unique bright red crownshafts and leaf sheaths. It has become a popular ornamental plant exported to many tropical regions around the world, and seeds are very rare to find. It has a scarlet to bright red colored crownshaft and leaf sheath, making it distinct from all other species of Arecaceae.

Cyrtostachys renda is a slender multi-stemmed, clustering palm tree. It can grow to 16 metres (52 feet) tall in the soil, though not fast growing, and is more commonly about 12-15' tall. Can easily be grown in small tubs, and makes an excellent patio plant if brought in during cold weather. It does not like temperatures below 50 degrees. Zones 10b and higher outside.

It has a scarlet to bright red colored crown shaft and leaf sheath, making it distinct from all other species of Arecaceae. The plant's stipe grows up to 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) in diameter.

The lipstick palm is generally grown for its brightly colored and unusual foliage and it is considered as a plant in high demand for gardening and a landscaping projects. Because of difficulties propagating them and their striking color, the palm has been offered for sale at prices as high as $1000 USD to collectors and gardeners. It also has some limited traditional uses such as for flooring materials, roof thatching, and for making darts in Pahang and elsewhere in Malaysia.

Propagation can occur with fresh seeds, although they are slow to germinate, or through dividing out suckers. In the wild, the most suitable environment for growth occurs in areas of Southeast Asian lowland peat swamp forests with the following characteristics: good soil drainage, high sand content in the soil, a thin peat layer in the soil, a low carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N) in the soil, low acid, and nutrient levels in the soil and water but relatively high organic substance levels. The palm grows well in full sun or but needs humid conditions and well-draining soil. However, it also tolerates flooding and can grow in standing water as its native habitat is peat swamp forests. It will not tolerate periods of drought.

Seeds per pack: 3

Germination: Sow as soon as possible when receiving the seeds, as the seeds are viable for a short time. Soak the seeds in water for 3 - 4 days, and then sow them in a sterile seed-start mix. Keep the soil moist and germinate warm, at 77-86 F (25-30 celsius). Germination can occur after a couple of weeks, but can take months. As long as the seeds are still hard germination can occur. If you are not able to plant them right away, store seeds in the fridge.

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