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A compact variety renowned for its easy-to-grow performance! Sky-blue flowers. Works well in beds, containers, and and window-boxes, and looks well placed in the rockery or at the edges of pathways. It is one of the most easily-grown annuals and popular for its versatility and long flowering period.

Type: Annual

Height: 10-15 cm, 4-6"

Location: Shade or part shade

NoteOrnamental use only. These seeds and/or plants may be poisonous.

Seeds per pack: 25

Germination: Place seeds on the surface of a sterile seed mix (do not bury them), and keep moist and warm until germination, which can take 3-4 weeks. Do not let the soil dry out, or it can end the germination process. Grow in a partly-shady location. A sterile seed-start mix is important with these seeds, as regular potting soil can contain eggs of fungus gnats, which can be detrimental to very small seeds. Be sure the mix is specifically formulated for starting seeds. 

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