WEEPING NODDING LILAC Rare Hardy Shrub Fragrant Syringa Komarowii Reflexa 5 Seed


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Syringa komarowii is an unusual species of lilac native to central China, commonly called nodding lilac. It is a shrub growing to 3–6 m tall. The flowers are fragrant and range in color from pink to mauve; they are produced in early summer on panicles 4–25 cm long and are attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds. The panicles often hang downwards, which is how the plant got its common name; the clusters look as though they are nodding, or weeping.

Type: Hardy shrub

Height: 3-6 meters, 10-20 feet

Location: Sun

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: These seeds are easy to germinate. Place the seeds just below the surface of the soil, and water in. Keep moist until germination, which takes approximately 20-30 days.

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