AMERICAN CRANBERRY Vaccinium macrocarpon

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Vaccinium macrocarpon, also called large cranberry, American cranberry and bearberry, is a North American species of cranberry.

Vaccinium macrocarpon is a perennial shrub, often ascending (trailing along the surface of the ground for some distance but then curving upwards). It produces white or pink flowers followed by sour-tasting red or pink berries 9–14 mm (0.35–0.55 in) across.

Vaccinium macrocarpon is native to central and eastern Canada (Ontario to Newfoundland) and the northeastern and north-central United States (Northeast, Great Lakes Region, and Appalachians as far south as North Carolina and Tennessee). It is also naturalized in parts of Europe and scattered locations in North America along western Canada (British Columbia) and the western United States (West Coast).

The species is grown commercially as a cash crop for its edible berries.

Type: Hardy shrub

Hardiness zones: 3-7

Seeds per pack: 10

GerminationPlace the seeds on the surface of a sterile seed-start mix, and water in. Do not bury the seeds, as they will require light to germinate. Place the container in a zipper-seal bag, and place in a cold area (not freezing), perhaps a garage, for 60 days. If it is a warm season, the cold period can be done in a fridge, though providing light is ideal. Keep moist. Then is the warm period, bring them to a bright area (but not direct sun) at room temperature for them to germinate in about 30-45 days from the beginning of the warm period. Provide sum once they have germinated.

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