BAJA ELEPHANT TREE Pachycormus discolor

BAJA ELEPHANT TREE Pachycormus discolor

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Trees to 20 feet tall and as wide, marginally frost tolerant with tip damage at 32 degrees F, death at 25 degrees F. Plants do best in full sun. Exfoliating white outer bark reveals blue-green, photosynthetic inner bark. Leaves dark green, pinnately compound, pubescent, drought deciduous. Cream flowers with pink centers appear in May, and can bloom into September, depending on moisture levels. Zones 10 and up.

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: Surface sew your seeds on top of a sterile seed-start mix amended with 50% sand. Cover with a very thin layer of coarse sand. Use a mist bottle to saturate the soil mix. Cover the pot with clear wrap or clear lid, and place in a bright window, but out of direct sunlight. Keep lightly moist at all times.

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