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Beautiful red-bronze leaves with flower ranging from red, pink, and orange! Canna is a perennial growing to 2m. It is hardy to zone 10 and is frost tender.

Type: Perennial

Hardiness zones: 10-11, elsewhere dig and store tubers for the winter

Height: Up to 2 meters, approximately 6 feet

Location: Sun or part sun

Bloom time: All season

Safe: Considered safe, non-toxic to children and people! This is our research, though we still suggest you confirm this yourself

Seeds per pack: 3 large seeds

Germination: The hard seed coating must be chipped or sanded to initiate germination. This can be done using a nail clipper, clipping a very small section, until a small amount of white begins to show. Careful, the seeds like to slip away, and clipping can take some patience. Then, place the seeds in water for 48 hours. Plant just in a container, just below the soil level. As the plant grows, and plant outside when the weather permits, after the change of frost and cold weather are far gone. Over the summer the plants will form a tuber. If you live in a cold region, the tuber can be dug up and stored in a cool place for the winter.

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