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To ensure a broad mixture, these seeds have been obtained from various reputable suppliers! The mix should be exciting, including large and small cactus and succulents of many species. Plants are ideal for warm climates, or as houseplants in cooler areas. Note: This plant species is known to cause dermatitis in some individuals.

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Obtain a container with holes in the bottom, to allow water to drain. Use a mix of 50:50 soil and sand. Place the seeds on the surface of a growing mix, and water them in. Keep lightly moist until germination, and do not let completely dry until the plants are formed. Watering can be done with a spray bottle, as not to disturb the seeds. These seeds will germinate in approximately 3-4 weeks. Grow in a sunny location, even during germination, as light aids germination.

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