ROCK JASMINE Androsace carnea brigantiaca

ROCK JASMINE Androsace carnea brigantiaca

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Known as rock jasmines or fairy candelabras, Androsace widely cultivated for their dense cushions covered in pink flowers.

Type: Hardy perennial

Height: 5 cm, 2"

Location: Sun or part shade

Hardiness zones: 4-7

Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: Your planting container should have holes in the bottom for excess water to drain. Flatten the surface of a sterile seed-start mix, and water. Place the tiny seeds on the surface, and cover them with a very thin layer of sand. Keep moist. If seedlings do not appear within 2 months, place the pot in a fridge or cold location for 6 weeks, and then bring them back to warmth. Once seedlings emerge, place the pot in a sunny place, or under bright grow lights.

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