GIANT CASTOR BEAN Ricinus zanzibarensis

GIANT CASTOR BEAN Ricinus zanzibarensis

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This Giant Castor Bean, Ricinus Zanzibarensis, can reach 10 feet or more in a single season, with leaves up to 4' wide! An excellent specimen plant in the garden, or grown in a large planter! We love planting these by our front door to add a "Wow!" effect.

Ricinus is generally grown as an annual in cooler climates, due to it's fast growth, though becomes a large shrub in tropical climates.

The seed pod is a spiny, greenish (to reddish-purple) capsule containing large, oval, shiny, bean-like, highly poisonous seeds with variable brownish mottling.

Australia Restriction: Unfortunately these seeds are not permitted in Australia. If we shipped they could be seized by the border, and possible fines could be imposed (they consider the buyer to be importer). Please do not order if you live in Australia. Any Australia orders for this item will be refunded, minus a 5.00 processing fee. Thank you for your understanding. All other regions can safely order these seeds!

 Seeds per pack: 5

Germination: These seeds are easy to germinate. Soak seeds for 24 hours before planting. Plant about 1/2" deep, keep in a warm location, and keep the soil continually moist until germination. Takes 2-4 weeks to germinate. Seeds are very poisonous.

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