HONEY LOCUST Gleditsia triacanthos

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The Honey Locust tree is a popular and beautiful ornamental tree, especially in the northern plains of North America where few other trees can survive and prosper. It tolerates urban conditions, compacted soil, road salt, alkaline soil, heat, and drought. The popularity is in part due to the fact that it transplants so easily. The fast growth rate and tolerance of poor site conditions make it valued in areas where shade is wanted quickly, such as new parks or housing developments, and in disturbed and reclaimed environments.

Height: 30-70 feet at maturity

Hardiness zones: 3-9, and some reports hardy down to zone 0

Seeds per pack: 5 Large seeds

Germination: The seeds must be scarified before they can grow. Rub the seeds with sand paper to break through the outer surface layer and to allow water to penetrate the outer seeds coating. Then plant just under the surface of the soil, water and keep lightly moist. Seeds usually germinate in 4-8 weeks.

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