ITALIAN TOMATO TREE Lycopersicum 'Triple L Crop'

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The idea with this tomato is that the vines grow so long that they can be strung along a trellis or support lines above to form an appearance of tree branches with hanging fruit! The lines should be placed high enough so that a person can easily walk under them to harvest the fruit.

These seeds produce large crimson tomato grows as big as 6" across! Tomatoes are mildly flavored and meaty with few seeds. 70 days. Worth trying! They are the most productive tomato by far, often producing 2 bushels from just one plant! When grown on a trellis the vines soar 12-18' and often to 25'. 

Note: Ripe tomato fruit are edible. Tomato plants are poisonous.

Seeds per pack: 5

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