Nepenthes Smilesii - LIVE PLANT

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A new offering, our Nepenthes Smilesii are growing nicely and we have a fair number of plants available.  They have been surviving outdoors this summer quite nicely in a shady area.    Plants will be shipped with some long fiber sphagnum wrapped around roots and kept damp with a paper towel soaked in water.  

Care: This plant has been easy to care for, watered with rain water whenever the long fiber sphagnum moss starts to show signs of drying out at the surface.  Has been misted every few days with rain water as well.  (Reverse osmosis or distilled water also works).

Can be fed with either beta fish food pellets or freeze dried blood worms.  We haven't noticed a significant difference in growth based on the different types of food.  

Keep in an East facing window, or outside in part sun conditions (too much sun can burn leaves) may need to be supplemented with grow lights during the Winter.  

Shipping:  Currently only available for Canada shipping due to restrictions sending plants to the US.  

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