Monarda didyma

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Bee Balm have very colorful large flowers that are an ideal food for pollinators, and especially humming birds! Each flower is comprised of multiple long tubular flowers that easily hold nectar. Bee Balm plants are easy to grow, and are not fussy. Plants form large, tidy clumps, slowly growing larger each year, but not becoming invasive and never self seeding around the garden.

These plants go by names including Bergamont, Monarda, and Bee Balm!

We grow these plants in our gardens, and they are the strongest growing, and most disease resistant of all of the Monardas!

Height: 2-3 feet

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Location: Sun

Bloom time: Mid summer, lasting for many weeks

Seeds per pack: 10

Germination: These seeds are very easy to germinate! Place the seeds on the surface of a seed-start mix, and water in. Keep at room temperature (20C/71F) and keep continually moist until plants begin to grow. Germination takes approximately 2 weeks. Once plants are established they are somewhat drought tolerant.

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