Rare MARSH SUN PITCHER Heliamphora Pulchella Carnivorous 3 Seeds

MARSH SUN PITCHER Heliamphora pulchella

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The Heliamphora, known as the sun pitcher, is a carnivorous plants that consist of a modified leaf form that is fused into a tubular shape. They have evolved mechanisms to attract, trap, and kill insects; and control the amount of water in the pitcher.

Marsh pitcher plants are unusual among pitcher plants in that they lack lids (opercula), instead having a small "nectar spoon" on the upper posterior portion of the leaf. This spoon-like structure secretes a nectar-like substance, which serves as a lure for insects and small animals. Each pitcher also exhibits a small slit in its side that allows excess rainwater to drain away, similar to the overflow on a sink. This allows the marsh pitcher plants to maintain a constant maximum level of rainwater within the pitcher.

Shredded, long-fibered or live sphagnum moss is preferred as a soil substrate, often with added horticultural lava rock, perlite, and pumice. The substrate must always be kept moist and extremely well drained. Misting Heliamphora with purified water (or rain water) is often beneficial to maintain high humidity levels.

These seeds are very rare, and are in limited supply.

Seeds per pack: 3

Germination of Heliamphora seed is achieved by scattering it on milled sphagnum moss and keeping in bright light and humid conditions. Seed germination begins after many weeks. They require some patience, though they are well worth the wait!

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