SPRING ADONIS Adonis Vernalis

SPRING ADONIS Adonis Vernalis

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Adonis vernalis, also known as spring adonis is an early blooming flower.  Typically it will bloom from April to May.  Part of the Ranunculaceae family.  Prefers dry, alkaline soils and would be a good addition to a rock garden.  Great for pollinators, flowers will reach up to 30cm (12") in height.

Hardiness zone: 2 to 8

Seeds per pack: 5

Note: Ornamental use only. This plant species is known to have toxicity.

Germination: As with many hardy perennial seeds, these will need a cold stratification period of 4 to 6 weeks.  Surface sow the seeds and ensure they do not dry out at any point.  After removing the seeds from stratification, they should germinate within a few weeks. 

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