STAR BEGONIA Heracleifolia Ornamental Exotic

STAR BEGONIA Heracleifolia Ornamental Exotic

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Unusually attractive leaves, this one is at the top of the league! The enormous leaves are up to 30cm across, with serrated edging and bright green centres that contrast dramatically with the deep black-purple of the rest of the leaf.

Growers have reported that this variety has proved reliably hardy to 15 degrees F making it a stunning garden specimen! Very rare fertile seeds.

Note: Ornamental use only. These plants or seeds may be poisonous.

Seeds per pack: 15

Germination: Start these seeds early indoors. Place on the surface of a sterile seed mix (do not bury them), and keep moist and warm (75-80F) until germination. Do not let the soil dry out, or it can end the germination process. A soil-mix formulated for starting seeds is important for begonia.

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