WHITE BIRD Of PARADISE Strelitzia nicolai

WHITE BIRD Of PARADISE Strelitzia nicolai

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A new and rare plant, the White Bird Of paradise has huge blue/black, white and red flowers on plants with gigantic banana-like leaves! Plants are perennial in tropical climates, and also make impressive conservatory plants, or houseplant when given a large space.

Type: Half-hardy perennial
Height: 1-3 meters
Hardiness zones: 9-11

Seed size: Bird Of Paradise have large and unique! The seeds are black/brown, oval, shiny, and have amazingly cute tufts of 'hair'! Seeds from the White Bird Of Paradise can be identified from the regular (blue/red/orange) Bird Of Paradise as these seeds are slightly larger, and are elongated. Check out the images!

Seeds per pack: 5 large seeds

Germination: Scratch each seed with sand-paper, or on a rough stone or brick, then soak in a warm location for 24 hours. Plant seeds just barely below the surface of the soil, and place the container in a sunny window. Germination can be slow, taking several weeks. Be sure to keep the soil moist during the germination period.

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